• The Last Tour Artifacts1:12

  • TCB Pistol2:00

  • The Million Dollar Quartet4:17

  • Do I Hear Banjos?!1:37

  • 64 Lincoln0:57

  • Museum Introduction0:50

  • Champagne & Peanut Butter1:17
2530 Parkway Pigeon Forge, TN  Traffic Light 2B (865) 428-2001

As part of our newest presentation of the Elvis Museum that has been part of the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee landscape for over 35 years we are pleased to include a full audio tour with all Elvis & Hollywood Legends Museum tours.  Hosted by Donnie Sumner and Ed Hill, two long time friends and colleagues of Elvis', the audio tour gives you the opportunity to experience first hand accounts and never before heard memories of Elvis and the items you will see on display.  One of the best museum tours in Pigeon Forge.  Please enjoy these samples.

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